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Thread: Campground Master Users in Canada

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    Default Campground Master Users in Canada

    I am trying to find CM users in Canada. I know some reservations and POS are unique to Canada, so I would like to get a forum started for Canadian users, so we can share how you/I do things. There maybe already a forum and I just missed it.
    Please let me know what you think and if you feel this would be useful.
    Fairmont Hot Springs RV Resort & Spruce Grove Campground
    Fairmont Hot Springs, BC Canada
    1-800-663-4979 ext 6033

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    Greetings from Happy Hearts in Tobermory Ontario Canada, we too are new to the CM world

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    Default Hello From Hanover ON

    I think it's a great idea - sometimes our requirements are different from the U.S. but not province to province.

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