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Thread: "Guest" Reservations not showing on rack

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    Default "Guest" Reservations not showing on rack

    I have a number of seasonal campers that allow us to "sub-let" their rigs from time to time. I am using the "guest" function to enter these reservations which works well. The color key shows the seasonal reservation on the rack for the duration of the season but the "guest" reservations do not appear. I have assigned the guest reservations different colors and it would be helpful if I could glance at the rack to determine guest reservations and availability. Probably an easy fix. Any suggestions?

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    The "Owner" reservation type may be more suited for times when the site can be sublet. Use that instead of the normal "seasonal" on the site, and then a Normal reservation can be made on top of that by the person subleasing it, which of course will show on the Rack.

    Other than that, there's no way to show Guest reservations on the Rack at a glance.
    Stan Spielbusch
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