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Thread: Red Flag?

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    Default Red Flag?

    We use the “Red Flag” for only the most serious infractions that a guest creates in our park. Infractions that impact other/multiple guest in a negative way that makes them feel uncomfortable. A “Red Flag” means don't take that reservation.
    What I am try to create in the “Customer Details” is a yellow flag. It would be used to alert the Reservation Host to remind a returning guest that they forgot to pick up doggies dodo or of their cats excessive meowing. Just simple things that the guest may of over looked.
    So my question. Is there a way to create a “Yellow Flag” or some kind of warning to alert the Reservation Host that the reservation needs special attention.

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    There's no easy way to do this in the same way the Warning Flag is handled. You can add a new field for the flag, and you could create a popup warning if reservation is made for a customer with the flag. But it's not possible to put your own icon on the Customer details or to highlight them on the Find Customer list, etc.
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