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Thread: Extra parking spots associated with site

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    Question Extra parking spots associated with site

    For our long-term residents, we have a few extra parking spots for them to use when at the Park. Currently we're using the "Extra Vehicles" or "Extra Trailers" indicator on the customer record, which works fine. It charges accordingly when their payments are due, as it should.

    But, of course, we want to do something different! Since we're so small, we want to assign our extra parking spots to our residents. For example, the resident in #4 is also assigned parking site #N3. I wanted to put our extra parking sites in CM, for a visual record on the map.

    So, the end result is, we would like to "attach" the extra parking site(N3) to the resident's site(#4), to reflect on their record which parking site they were assigned. Is there a simple way to do this, or(as some of my coworkers say) am I just making things too complicated for no reason?
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    Unless I'm missing some subtlety, you should be able to just make it a Synchronized reservation with the parking site. Same as if they rented 2 sites.
    Stan Spielbusch
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