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    Default Digital Campground Map "Sign"

    I work for a County in IL that has two campgrounds. One uses Sunrise Reservations for their campground management, but since the second property does not take reservations that system was not going to work there. We demo'd several other cloud based or SaaS solutions, but ultimately decided they were all far too expensive, and we ended up going with Campground Master. One idea that was floated early on, which I loved and really wanted to implement, was replacing an old hand drawn chalkboard that used magnets to show campers which spots were available when they walked into the office - with a screen that would update automatically. With the other systems, this task was easy because they would be integrated into our website and I could simply show the site and set it to auto-refresh every couple of minutes. Unfortunately, CM does not have this ability out of the box.

    My solution was to use a PC to run CM, use a small utility called Autosizer to automatically place and size the CM window exactly the same every time the computer is started, set an autologin for CM using an account that only has access to the map (so that's what comes up everytime - otherwise it wants to default to the rack. I also setup a small script that sits on the desktop of the main office computer that staff can run to easily reboot the display PC if there are any issues with it. Sometimes the map will stop updating for whatever reason, so a simple double click on that script, the PC reboots and everything is back to normal again.

    I would prefer to have a more "full screen" map (no title bar or menus), but this was a pretty simple solution that I think turned out pretty nice - and staff no longer has to maintain the board manually. I have updated the map to include more park amenities since these were taken, I might go out and get updated pictures at some point.

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    This sounds like a reasonable work-around! In fact, it gives me an idea that may solve a problem we've been trying to resolve. Thanks for the information and ideas!
    Park Manager
    Deer Creek Valley RV Park
    Topeka, KS

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