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Thread: Monthly Payments for RV Sites

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    Cool Monthly Payments for RV Sites

    We rent RV sites and Cabins with discounted monthly rates. The monthly date is based on the day they arrive and the guest usually pays 30 days in advance. We have multiple ways that workers are entering the payments and there is much confusion as to how much is still owed.
    I would like to enter the entire amount owed then deduct each payment as it is paid, but I don't see an easy way to calculate what is owed for each month. What is the "correct" way to enter these charges and payments?

    Thank You

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    Hi Bonnie,

    Please provide us more details in an email (send to explaining if you are using auto-rates. Also a copy of your Campground Master database(from HELP-->E-mail database & logs to support) will help us understand your structure.


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