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Thread: Oddity on "Payments Due" tab

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    Default Oddity on "Payments Due" tab

    We've been going through CM and ran across something that just doesn't make sense. I'll try to explain. . .

    In Payments Due tab, one of our residents shows up with a balance due. This transaction was posted to their account on 6/28/14, according to CM. However, this resident did not check in until 7/1/14, two days later. There would have been no transaction for this customer before the day they checked in, obviously.

    Regardless, this posting still shows in the Payments Due tab. Since they did not check in until 7/1, I can find no way to return back to 6/28 and remove this erroneous charge.

    Is there a way to take care of this issue? I suspect we may run into a few more that are like this as we go through our database and customers.

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    I can't figure out why you're saying "I can find no way to return back to 6/28/14", and yet you say that you see the transaction on that date. Where do you see the transaction posted on 6/28/14? If you can see it, then you can get to it.

    If you're already in the Reservation Transactions (or Customer Transactions) when you see it, then you're right where you need to be to delete it or change the date.

    If it's on the Transactions tab, simply right-click on that transaction and select "Transactions" to open the source reservation or customer of that transaction. From there you can adjust the date or remove it as needed. If you use the right-click / Transactions and don't see it in that reservation's or customer's transactions, then it's an Orphan -- see here:
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    I didn't explain very well, sorry. You're right, I can "go" anywhere in the system to any date I wish, that's not the issue. The issue was that, in the "Transactions" menu for this particular customer, the first transaction showing on their record is 7/1/14. The charge in question does not show on this customer record anywhere. Where we did find it was in the "Payments Due" tab.

    I think that the orphan thing you mentioned is exactly what happened with this customer/transaction. I'll be following your instructions soon to correct the problem.

    Thanks for your quick reply!!
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    Default Found it. . .

    Well, after trying all the "Orphan" things in DB Maintenance, nothing worked at all. No orphans, no bad links, nothing anywhere. I'd almost decided to give up and just live with it . . . . until. . . .

    I went back to the customer record, and opened "Transaction History." By going back through all the transactions, I was able to find where the original charge posting occurred. It plainly shows the charge on 3/15/17 as a Point of Sale transaction. Once I had the receipt number, I was able to enter POS and correct/remove the entries in error and the oddity that started this whole thing went away. . .

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