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Thread: Rain Checks - Does anyone issue and redeem rain checks

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    Default Rain Checks - Does anyone issue and redeem rain checks

    I realize the software does not directly handle rain checks, I was hoping someone that issues/redeems them could tell me how they are tracking them through campground master. Today we do the following to track these transactions - we reserve a site for the guest and note its going to be paid by rain check, at check in we go into transactions and use the Memo function and key rain check redeemed, no money changes hands just the rain check comes back to us, this of course leaves the name red (they still owe) and counts the site as occupied of course.
    There a couple of issues that concern our manager,
    1) That the Occupancy Report is being effected -
    A Rain Check can be issued under a couple of scenarios
    First: guest had mechanical issues (or other problems) and were a No Show.
    I don't know exactly how the occupancy report is calculated, but I thought as long as we were cancelling the original reservation using the no show reason that the occupancy report would take that site and count it as not occupied for that night. Then when the guest returns to redeem the rain check that reserved site is used as occupied so this total rain check action only counts one night on the occupancy report.
    Second: guest must leave early so we issue a rain check
    The remaining days of their stay are cancelled and we use cancelled for some other reason and key the actual reason for the departure and that we issued a rain check. Then upon their return of course we reserve a site, will the occupancy report be incorrect in this scenario?

    2) Need to show no balance due
    I realize we could set the paid thru date but not all associate levels are authorized to select that, is there any other way to have a no balance due?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this thread and to anyone that responses thank you in advance.

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    If the occupancy report is being affected, then it's probably a couple things not being done properly:

    1. If someone leaves early, you should always change the Last Night other reservation accordingly, before checking them out. The reservation First/Last night should reflect the dates actually stayed.

    2. If the occupancy report is showing canceled reservations (e.g. the No Shows), then you should use the Site/Reservation Filtering on the report to exclude canceled reservations.

    If you follow those procedures, the Occupancy Report will be accurate.

    As for the "paid" issue --

    If they have a credit balance that you want them to be able to use for a later reservation, the best way to do that is to use Payment (or Deposit) Transfer to move that to the Customer record. The reservation's balance will be zeroed out and the credit will then be available to transfer to their next reservation, and you will be notified of that the next time they make a reservation.

    Depending on the situation, that may also solve the Paid Thru issue. However if you want the operator to be able to change the Paid Thru manually then you can set the Access Levels to allow that function for lower-level operators:
    (Look for the "Change the Reservation's Paid-thru date manually" setting)
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    What we do is just leave the credit in the old reservation. This is because we only allow the credit up to the following season. Then we transfer to the new reservation when it is rebooked. Then at the end of the year, I go through and any credit balances that are not used I put a "cancel fee" charge against it and zero them out. I will look into what stan suggests, it makes more sense, but I need to make sure I still zero them out each year.

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