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Thread: Should I upgrade?

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    Default Should I upgrade?

    Hello all, and Stan!
    I purchased Campground Master in 2010. It is version 5.0. We have been using this software since day 1 since purchasing the park and love it! We are a small park and am wondering if it is worth the cost to upgrade to the new Campground Master.
    Thank you in advance for your comments.

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    We're happy to hear you're still using Campground Master and it's working well for you. As for whether the upgrade is "worth it" to you, that's really your decision but we feel that there are a lot of nice features since version 5 that you may find useful. Some of the major ones are the Audit Trail (track changes, see if transactions were deleted, etc), batch E-mailing (e.g. send E-mails to your customer base or filtered lists of reservations), E-mail formats with transactions so you can E-mail receipts or invoices, improved networking functionality, and lots of minor bug fixes that might help things work better for you.

    You can get the complete list of changes in the release notes (check each version after version 5):

    The upgrade from your version would only cost $400 to catch up to version 9.1, and that will also include support and updates for the next year.
    Stan Spielbusch
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    Default Short Answer: YES!

    We have been using CM for a few years now. Our greatest challenge has always been email integration. I believe the current release to be their best yet. We love the fact that email integration is everywhere now. If email functionality is of any importance I would highly recommend upgrading to the latest release.

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    Yes, no doubt. The latest email upgrade is wonderful. We now no longer mail statements. I would see if you can upgrade and just pay the $100 a year and get the upgrades from now on.

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