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    Smile Multiple Locations

    First, I wanted to say - that after getting CM setup and working - I LOVE, LOVE LOVE it!!!! Easy to use and my employees are picking it up quickly. So, thank you for making an affordable and effective software scheduling programme. Now that I've finished brown-nosing, I have a question. I have 3 different locations for accessing reservations: 1)my main office, 2) the store for check-in and 3) weekender store. I would like to be able to take reservations/payments, etc. at all 3 locations with CM being used using The Cloud (One Drive). Each location has Wi-Fi but not connected to the "network" -- do I need to purchase the software 3 times, or the network version. What would be the solution that is most cost effective? TIA

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    You don't have to buy 3 copies, you just need to add the Networking Option ($500). This is a one-time charge.

    They don't use the "cloud" or a cloud-based drive -- they communicate directly with each other to stay in sync in real time (so it's the same result as using a cloud service, but your data is only on your computers). If they are on different wifi routers then you would likely need to set it up as "Networking through the Internet" -- see here:
    Stan Spielbusch
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    Default Basic networking skills

    Pat C,
    We have been using the networking feature over the internet for 8 years now. You just need to know how to port Forward and make sure you can open the firewall on the port 6010 that CGM uses. The documentation that Stan has put together is great and you or if needed find someone with basic networking skills they can set you up.

    We are in Michigan and have access from several different cities. We have one of the biggest church camps and continue to modify CGM to meet our needs. With basic database coding skills you can modify CGM to do almost anything. Stan has made a great product and left the power in the users hands.

    Works great!

    Kurt Tuckey
    Brown City Camp

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