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    Greetings from South Dakota
    New user question. I get an error report from Hercules with online ID # and Record ID# listed. The online ID was easy to figure out. I have no inkling what the Record ID# is or where to find it. I think it must be a CM# but it is not the confirmation number. Without that information I can't find the problem transaction on CM if I don't have the online ID.
    Any help appreciated.

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    The Record ID is Campground Master's reservation record ID. Assuming you're using fairly standard Confirmation # formatting, you can search for that with Find Reservation (select "Filter by: Confirmation"-- just use the last 5 digits of the record number, which should be in the confirmation #. Don't include the "#" or the leading zeroes.

    If you can't find it by that, then you can find it in the Raw Data Tables (Maintenance / Raw Data Tables / Reservations). They should be in order by Record #.
    Stan Spielbusch
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