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Thread: Rents due date

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    Default Rents due date

    Hi, Ed from Happy Together RV Resort, Mohave Valley, AZ.

    We waste a lot of hours reading electric meters and dealing with rent payments almost every day of the month? Can I make all site rents due on the first? Can someone teach me how to prorate site rents using Campground Master?

    Thank you.

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    Certainly you can make rent due on the first. You'll just need to get them all in sync but pro-rating the current/next partial month, and set up your options and rates to pro-rate any new monthly reservations for the first partial month. This has some information on how to handle monthlies, and links to more details on each part:

    For existing reservations you may have to do some manual pro-rating to get them synced up (it generally only knows to pro-rate the start or end of a reservation).
    Stan Spielbusch
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