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    Default printing old receipt

    How do I quickly find an old receipt to reprint? I can find it under raw data, but it is not in a printable version.

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    It depends on who much information you have about it. If you have reservation or customer information, you could use Find Reservation or Find Customer, and from the Resv/Cust Details go to New/Edit Transactions.

    If you know only know the receipt #, use the Transactions tab in Details mode (it helps to know the date so you can show only that date, which you can get form Raw Data Tables if you've already found it there):

    Make sure the Receipt # (or Invoice #) column is showing (see Detail Options).

    Once you locate it, right-click and select Transactions to get to the transactions dialog where you can print a receipt.

    Note that it's not possible to exactly print an "old" receipt, e.g. for a reservation or customer, if later transactions have been added already.
    Stan Spielbusch
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