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Thread: Switching to Cayan Genisus and have some questions

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    Default Switching to Cayan Genisus and have some questions

    Im looking at swaping over to cayan processing. We have been hand entering all transactions for years and filing them by name and its starting to get to be a pain so im looking to intergrate more with CM. One of my main questions is this: do you really need a printer or is there a way to intergrate their signature from the pad into a printed recept that has their info for the stay and basic info like a hotel would do?

    If not what printers are you guys having success using?

    How hard was it to make the swap and pick everything up. I know im going to have to upgrade CM to have the store options.

    Thanks in advance

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    Campground Master can't capture a signature, but if you're using the new chip-card terminals (requires the Genius option through Cayan), then no signature is requires for chip card transactions now. If you do want a 3" slip/receipt printer, we work best with the Epson printers as mentioned on our web site (and you can purchase from us):

    The change-over is pretty simple, especially in Campground Master . Contact Cayan to get your account set up, they handle most of it, and then just put your credentials in Campground Master:
    Stan Spielbusch
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