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    Hi Stan:
    We are getting ready to upgrade our Master Computer. I want to ask if you see any problems with what were getting that might be a negative in running the data base. Itís probably way over kill but here is what weíre looking at. It will be a HP6200 Tower with Window 10; the Hard Drive Capacity will be 1TB. The Processor is an Intel Core i3 2nd Generation, Processor speed is 3.10 GHz with 16 GB of memory. Also it has a choice of either an Operating System Edition of Professional 64- Bit or Home 64- Bite. I can get the Professional 64- Bite for just a few dollars more so if you donít see any problems there I guess that is good. I always see the minimums for running a program, just want to make sure there isnít any maximums to be aware of.
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    There's no problem getting 64-bit Windows Professional (though it won't necessarily help Campground Master).

    Core i3 2nd generation seems pretty old (they're on 8th generation now and any decent server pc will have i5 or better), might want to boost that if possible.
    Stan Spielbusch
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