Hi Stan:
We are getting ready to upgrade our Master Computer. I want to ask if you see any problems with what were getting that might be a negative in running the data base. Itís probably way over kill but here is what weíre looking at. It will be a HP6200 Tower with Window 10; the Hard Drive Capacity will be 1TB. The Processor is an Intel Core i3 2nd Generation, Processor speed is 3.10 GHz with 16 GB of memory. Also it has a choice of either an Operating System Edition of Professional 64- Bit or Home 64- Bite. I can get the Professional 64- Bite for just a few dollars more so if you donít see any problems there I guess that is good. I always see the minimums for running a program, just want to make sure there isnít any maximums to be aware of.
Ho Hum RV Park Inc.
Carrabelle Fl.