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Thread: Entering recurring reservations

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    Question Entering recurring reservations

    I've searched for info on this but am probably not phrasing the question right for the search.

    Is there a way to enter a recurring reservation? For example, we have our conference facility rented out weekly to the same customer. We wish to enter the reservation for multiple weeks in advance, since it is recurring every week. I've tried this but get the error saying it creates a conflict.

    If not, no big issue, just one of those things that pop up from time to time. . . .
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    You probably want to do these as Non-synchronized reservations. Normally non-synced is used for multiple people on multiple sites, to keep billing separate. In this case, it's the same person and probably all the same site, but it sounds like it's still best to keep billing separate for each one (as well as the check in/out process), so non-synced (or not linked at all) would be best.

    Since it's all on the same site you can't currently do this all at once in New Reservation, but you can do it if you make one of them and then go to Reservation Details and click "Add Non-sync'ed". There you can select the dates, and select the site (double-click in the grid). Uncheck both "Synchronize with" and "Sub-member of" again, and then change the dates for the next week and select the site, and so on. Just make sure to uncheck both "Synchronize with" and "Sub-member of" each time before selecting the site.
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