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    I don't remember if I've asked before but. . .

    Is there a way to restrict a user from a certain length-of-stay reservation? For example, some of our relief staff aren't trained for longer term reservations, so we were wondering if there was a way restrict a specific user from inputting any reservation longer than a few days.

    IOW, is there a way that I can restrict a specific user from creating a weekly or monthly reservation, just allowing them to put in daily? Or, is there a better way to do that?

    The basic issue is when a lesser-trained staffer puts in long-term reservations, they may not take into account all of the ramifications and issues that we run into with our long-term occupants. Ideally there would be a way to restrict the user so they just can't input them, but if there's a better solution, I'm open to anything.
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    You can use the new Reservation Restrictions function:

    It's easy to do by operator level (e.g. Reservations vs Manager). Just select the level desired for "Allow" and "Ignore".

    If you really need to do it by operator, you would need to use the Advanced Condition Expression to check the CurrentOpName()
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