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This dialog is used when you Add or Edit a site indicator element from the Edit Map dialog (see that section for a description of the element settings).  All of the details of an element can be entered or changed here, except for the element type and which map it appears on.



Default values when adding an element


The Site list is used to select which site this indicator will show status for.  If you're adding a site, the "next" site will automatically be selected (the one after the previously added or edited element), making it easy to add multiple sites in a row.


The X and Y position coordinates will default to the position where you clicked the mouse button, but can be changed here if needed.


The Height and Width will default to the same values as the last element edited or added.  (Height and Width will not be shown for Circle elements.)


The Diameter will only be shown for Circle elements, and will default to the same value as the last element edited or added.


The Text will be blank unless the Default to site abbreviation box was checked for the previous element, in which case it will default to the selected site's abbreviation (and will change if a different site is selected).  Note however that once the element is added, the text won't automatically change if the site's actual abbreviation is changed.


The Font name will be the normal "MS Sand Serif" font, Size 12, not bold, and Angle 0.




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