Alert Dialog

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This is the window shown when there is a new alert (or when viewing an old alert from View Alerts).


It will show a message and a box with further details, if needed.  A few different options may be present also:


Close / Skip Alert for now -- This closes the Alert dialog, but the alert is kept as "Active".  However to view the alert again, you need to go to View / Alerts.


(Action) -- This second button will have a name appropriate for the action to be taken for the alert. This might be "Process", "View", or some other function appropriate for taking action on the alert.


Dismiss Alert -- This will flag the alert as "Dismissed".  It's still in the system for reference (for a limited time depending on the Options), but is flagged so it won't show as a new alert.


View All Alerts -- This opens a list of all alerts (the View Alerts dialog).



Note that depending on the alert and your operator access level, some of these functions may not be available.



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