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(Accessed through Maintenance / Program Options / Auto-Rates.)


Enable Auto-Rates functions (calculation buttons) on Transactions and Select Rates dialogs -- This is the primary enabler of auto-rates, since it enables the auto-rate calculation buttons (which are used for manually adding the auto-calculated rate charges).  However, if the "Automatically..." functions are enabled (below), the rates will be added automatically even if these buttons for manual adding the charges are disabled.


Auto-calculate when the "Check Rates" function is used -- When selected, auto-rates will be used to automatically calculate the temporary charges shown in the "Check Rates" function.


Auto-calculate when opening the "Quote/Confirmation" function -- When selected, auto-rates will be used to automatically calculate the charges when Quote-Confirmation.  Note that If you're configured so transactions done in Quote-Confirmation are saved (as post-dated), these will be saved unless you Cancel the Quote/Confirmation dialog.  Otherwise, the auto-calculated charges won't actually be saved.  See Transactions Options for more details.


Calculate for longer periods to find "best" rate -- When selected, this will not only calculate the charges for the reservation's actual days, but will also calculate for additional days, one at a time, up to the maximum (below).  It will then select the number of days that produced the lowest rate.  This is used to give the customer a "better" rate, for instance if your weekly rate is better than the normal rate for 6 days.


Maximum extra days to check --   If you enable calculation for longer periods, this defines how many extra days to check.  Don't set the number of days any longer than necessary, since it can take time to check each possible length of stay for the best rate.  For instance, if your monthly rate is equivalent to 3 weeks and 2 days (23 days), then only check 8 extra days to cover a 31-day month.  If you don't have monthly rates, then this probably only needs to be set to 2 extra days (e.g. if the weekly rate is cheaper than the 5-day rate).


When recalculating auto-charges... -- This gives you 3 different options for how charge transactions are handled when auto-calculation is done after auto-rates are already present (whether it's done manually with the buttons, or as a result if automatic re-calculations).  Note that none of these will affect manual charges or payments added -- the only affect auto-charges.


Credit & add only charges that have changed, as needed (recommended) -- This will check each of the "new" charges against the previously added auto-charges, and will only add the necessary transactions to reflect the new charges.  It will leave any previous auto-rates intact.  This may result in both positive and negative entries to make the adjustments, but won't duplicate entries.  For instance, if a charge for 4 days is present and a new day is added, a charge for 1 day will be added).  If the days aren't changed but an additional vehicle is added, then only the charge for the additional vehicle will be added.


Add credits (negative charges) for all old auto-charges and add all new charges -- This will leave the original auto-charges alone, but will add negative charges for every previous auto-charge, then add the complete set of new charges.  This results in more transactions, and can make the receipts either more or less confusing depending on the situation


Remove all old auto-charges and add new ones (will cause daily balances to change!) -- This results in the "cleanest" receipts, but cannot be done if you depend on daily transaction balancing.  It also does not leave a trail of original charges and changes -- it simply removes all old auto-charges and starts over.


Automatically add auto-charges when a reservation is... (Created, Checked In, or Checked Out) -- If this option is selected, charges will be added automatically as soon as the reservation is created or when it's checked in or out, as desired.  The normal recommended option is to add them when the reservation is "Checked in", so the charges aren't considered income on reports until after they check in.  In this case they will be added before the transaction dialog is opened during the check-in process, so the amount due will be instantly presented.  However, if you are using post-dated Charge transactions (as enabled through Program Options / Transactions), then it may be best to set this to "Created", since the charges will be post-dated anyway and thus won't show on reports until the reservation is checked in.


Also add auto-charges to day passes when they are created -- Since day pass reservations are never checked in, you must enable this option to have charges added to day pass reservations immediately.  However if you select the "Created" option above, this is not necessary.


Automatically recalculate charges whenever reservation details are changed, as appropriate -- This option will help prevent charges from being forgotten if reservation changes are made (e.g. adding extra people, changing dates, adding options, etc.), but it can also be a little dangerous and can result in a lot of charges being added and deleted back and forth if reservations are tinkered with.  It's recommended to try enabling this option to see how it works for you, and disable it if it becomes an annoyance.  If this option is disabled, you must remember to go to Transactions and click the Auto-calculate button whenever changes are made.


Assume no auto-charges apply for canceled reservations -- If you add auto-charges when the reservation is created, and you give refunds for canceled reservations (at least for the rent), then select this option.  Any auto-charges present when a reservation is canceled will be undone when it auto-calculates.  This avoids having to manually remove or credit all of the auto-charges.  You can still add a cancellation fee or other manual charges if needed.


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