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The Color Keys have a dual purpose -- they show you what the color coding means, and also allow you to change any of the colors.  The color keys for Reservations and Maps can be accessed in the View menu, and are also available on all of the right-click context menus for quick access.



Reservation Color Key


The Reservation Color Key dialog shows a list of reservation status conditions, and each status condition will be shown in the current colors defined for it.  The list is longer than the dialog allows, so you will need to scroll the list to see them all.  


Changing colors


To change a color for a status (assuming you have sufficient operator access), right-click on the item in the list.  You can change both the text color and the background color.  


The standard Windows color dialog is used to change colors, where you can select one of the basic colors or define your own color.  To define your own color, first click on one of the empty Custom Colors boxes.  Then click on the approximate color in the "rainbow box", and adjust the brightness slider control (on the right side) until the color is just right.  The selected color will be updated dynamically in the box below the rainbow (Color / Solid).


When finished changing all of the colors to your liking, click the Done button on the Color Key.  If you click Cancel, all of the color changes will be canceled.



Maps Color Key


This is used on the Maps tab view, if maps are enabled.  The operation is the same as described above for reservation colors, but the colors apply to site status and other map indicators.  



Customizing Color Keys (Advanced)


If desired, you can define custom colors for reservations and/or map colors.  This is done through Color Schemes definitions and by selecting a Global Default Color Scheme (see the Maintenance section).


If a custom Global Color Scheme is defined, the key will show the colors for the rules defined in the custom color scheme at the top, followed by the normal default colors.


Note that if the color item is from a user-defined Color Scheme, the right-click menu will show "Edit Color Rule" instead of selections for editing the colors.  Selecting this menu option will open the Edit Color Rule dialog where you can change anything about the rule, not just the colors.  There will also be an Edit Scheme button on the dialog where you can edit the Color Scheme directly.



Web Vacancy Grid Color Key


This is used for the Export to Web Vacancy Grid function.  This allows you to make the web vacancy grid colors correspond to the design of your web site.  The operation is the same as described above for reservation colors, but the colors apply to web page colors instead of reservation status.  Note that some of the color entries only apply to background colors.


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