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Meter Reading History is recorded, tracking every change in the meter readings (excluding any entries done in version 9.2 and before, which did not have meter history tracking).  Besides being handy for reporting and other historical purposes, this enhances the functionality of the functions through the Meter Reading report and batch entry -- e.g. allowing an "Undo" function to correct mistakes without having to re-enter all of the previous readings and deleting charges manually, and being able to bring up the last batch of entries to re-print or E-mail.


Meter History is accessed through the Meter Reading Reports -- open the report, then click the View Meter Ready History button (or you can use the right-click function on a site to view the history for that one site).  (Access Levels determine whether you're able to view history.)


If initially viewing for all sites, you can select a single site to view with the drop-down list at the top.


You can also filter the report by date of reading (this uses the "Actual date of reading" used when entering the reading, not the date it was actually entered).


The "Usage" column will show the amount "used" as of that reading (e.g. the difference from the previous reading, if known).  This won't be available for the first entry.


If the reading was entered through the Meter Reading Report and charges were added, you will also be able to see the amount of charges added for it, and of course the reservation that they were added on.  You can select the line and click View the Selected Entry's Reservation to open the appropriate Reservation Details.


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