New Database (create a new database file)

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This will close the current database and initialize the software for creating a new database.  Administrator access is required to use this function, as it is usually only done once when creating the campground database and never done again.


All of the data tables will be emptied, default fields will be enabled, and default pick lists will be set up.  The operator list will also be reset to having one Administrator operator, which will be logged in automatically so you can continue with setup.


You will be prompted for a name to give the database, which will also be the file name used for it.  This new database file will be stored in a default location -- the exact location depends on the installation and the version of Windows, but it's usually under "Shared Documents" for Windows XP, or under "Public Documents" for later versions of Windows.  From now on, that will be the default database, opened automatically when Campground Master is started (unless the "Demo" icon is used to start it).


Using New Database is not terribly dangerous because it's not easy to write this new database over your old one (you would have to select the name of the old one manually, and then it will warn you about it), but it's not something that should be done without a good reason.


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