Overview - Import and Export Functions

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Campground Master supports a number of functions for getting data to and from other programs.  While most smaller campground owners will find that Campground Master does everything they need, it can be useful for accounting to export the transactions into QuickBooks, or export reports or raw data to a standard format to be processed by other programs.  Reports like the On Site report and Meter Reading reports can even be exported to a Palm or Pocket PC to use as a walk-around checklist.


The Import function can be used to transfer customer and reservation data from another system into Campground Master, to avoid retyping everything.


If your campground has a web site, then you may find the Export to Web function useful for showing your web site visitors what vacancies you have.  Of course this is only as useful as you make it by updating the web site often enough, but if you want to take reservations through the web it can be very helpful.  Note that this function is actually covered in the Online Reservations chapter instead of here, since it's related to online functions.


Campground Master can export to iCalendar files that can be uploaded to a web site and used by some services.  See "Setting Up for Export to iCal" in the Online Reservations chapter.


Note that by default an operator access level of Manager or higher is required for any of the export functions, and only Administrators can use the Import function.


P.O.S. Note: If the P.O.S. option is enabled, then there will be an additional function for importing inventory/vendor data.  See the Inventory Setup section in the Point of Sale chapter for details.






Importing Customer or Reservation Data


Importing Inventory and Vendor Data (Only if P.O.S. option is enabled)


Exporting Reports and Data to Other Programs


Exporting to QuickBooks


Exporting to Web Vacancy Grids


Exporting to iCal Files



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