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Alerts and the Audit Trail entries are created automatically by the program.  Work Orders and Journal entries are notes that you can create yourself.  Each of these functions can be accessed through the View menu, for viewing system-wide reports.  In addition, you will find Journal and Audit buttons on Reservation Details, Customer Details and Site Details, as well as Inventory Item Details and Vendor Details if you have the POS option.  Work Orders for individual Sites can be entered through Site Details.


Alerts are generated when some error condition is detected that the user needs to know about and possibly rectify.  These result in pop-up messages showing the details.  They are also kept in the database for a period of time in case you need to go back and reference them.


The Journal is for making manual entries of notes.  This can be done for the system in general, or for specific Reservations, Customers, Sites, Vendors, and Inventory items.  How you make use of the Journal and what kinds of things you put in it is up to you.


Work Orders are essentially notes like Journal entries, but several additional fields make them functional for tracking whether the Work Order is complete, when it's due, when it starts, and who it's assigned to.


The Audit Trail is a detailed log showing different types of actions taken by the users.  This enhances security and can aid in researching the progress of changes to a reservation, for instance.



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