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iCal, or iCalendar, is a common file format that is used in many places to share information about calendar events -- originally used for appointments, meetings, etc, it has also become commonly used in the hospitality industry for reservations.


Campground Master supports iCal in 3 different ways, each of which you may use independently as desired:


1.An iCal file can be automatically attached to each E-mail confirmation you send out.  If the recipient uses a compatible E-mail service with a calendar app (e.g. GMail), they will be able to add the reservation to their calendar with a couple clicks (or in some cases it may be added automatically).


2.You can export iCal files containing the information needed to show "availability" on some online reservation services.


3.You can import iCal files from some online services to assist in adding those reservations into Campground Master.


Please note that the iCal Import and Export options are not fully automatic and are not a good substitute for a true 2-way real-time automatic integration like Hercules.  These are simply alternatives for cases where Hercules will not work for you (e.g. outside North America), or would be an overkill (e.g. if you only rent out a few units).


The following sections explain the basic procedures for setting up and using the 3 different types of iCal functionality.  Following those are more details for each function.


Important: While we've attempted to make these functions as easy and accessible as possible for the non-technical user, all of this is considered an Advanced Customization function due to the flexible and ever-changing nature of iCal support by various services.  Therefore normal technical support will not be able to assist with setting it up or solving issues except with basic functionality questions.  You should consult your own computer and web site expert for help with the details required to configure things like the Profiles and Parsing Sets if you're trying to integrate services beyond the examples we provide.  Any assistance you ask us to provide will incur customization fees.




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