Managing Linked Reservations

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In Reservation Details, there is a list of linked reservations and a View function to open the selected reservation in a new Reservation Details dialog.  There are also 3 separate "Add..." buttons to add more linked reservations.  Each button will add reservations with linkages of the appropriate type. Note that it will be linking them to the reservation you're currently viewing in Reservation Details, not the one currently selected in the list!  Also note that once you're in the Add function (which is the same as creating New Reservations), you can again add multiple levels of reservations.  


Right-click functions


You can also perform link functions directly from the right-click menu on the Rack and other tab views.  There is a Linked Reservations sub-menu, which allows adding the 3 different types of linked reservations mentioned above, change the way the selected reservation is linked to its owner, link existing reservations together, add a new linked master, and unlink reservations.  (Some of these may be disabled depending on the current link status or type of reservation -- for instance, Synchronized reservations cannot be added to Guest reservations.)  The options to change the linkage type can be used to combine or separate billing (change a sub-member to non-synchronized, or vice verse), or to change a synchronized reservation to a sub-member (combined billing) or non-synchronized (separate billing) so that the dates or status can be changed separately.


For more information, see "Managing Existing Reservation Linking" in the section "Linked and Group Reservations".


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