Notice Messages, Confirmation Letter and Window Tag text

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These setup dialogs (found under Maintenance / Printed notices & text) allow you to edit the text used for certain sections of receipts.  Each different type of receipt has different text that can be set up.


Note that these options apply mainly to the "default" forms or any custom forms derived from them.  Custom forms can also incorporate these settings if desired, or they may be completely ignored -- see the Forms Setup section for more details.


If you're looking for where to change the contact information on forms (the Park's Address, Phone, E-mail, Web, or Owners info), that's done through Park Setup / Parks.



Ticket Form


The Notice text for the Ticket Form should remain approximately the same size as the default text, so it fits in the designated area of the receipt.


Reminder -- the "Additional Notes" section that can appear on the lower left side of the Ticket Form receipts is set up in the Parks Setup for each park record (so each park's receipts can have a different set of notes).



Invoices, Receipts, and Statements


You can specify the "Notice" text at the bottom, in addition to a guest signature after the notice.  The amount of space allocated for the notice is also selected, so it can start any number of inches above the bottom (this can also be a decimal number, like 2.5).  However, you need to make sure it doesn't overlap the transactions, etc., or else customize the Form to reduce the number of transactions per page.  Note that there are separate settings (through separate selections under the Park Setup menu) for E-mail invoices, receipts and statements.



Confirmation Letter


The Confirmation letter 'Above Transactions' text may be modified to include other information.  You can also add line breaks, blank lines, etc. using the Enter key just like typing a letter. However, make sure you allowing space for the reservation information, transactions, notice, etc. below the top text, since the confirmation is a 1-page document -- it cannot continue on a 2nd page.   The Notice text is set up similar to the text for Invoices, etc., with an optional signature line.  You can also set the font size for the bottom text, so it can be made to blend in with the top portion better if you wish.


If you have the "Site_Confirmation_Text" field enabled for sites (see Data Field Definitions), you can have special bottom text appear for individual sites.  The Bottom Text from this dialog will be used as the default for sites without special text entered, but you can override it by entering Confirmation Text in Site Details.


There is also an option to show only the deposit paid and balance due on the confirmation letters.  This is useful if you want to show a lot of text, since it takes much less room than the full transactions table.  It may also be considered a "neater" format.  In addition, when using this option you can show how many adults and children the rate is based on (since the transactions detail information is not shown, this might be important), and optionally include pets, extra vehicles and extra trailers.  Note that the "Deposit Paid" amount will normally only include Deposits and Deposit Transfers into the reservation, and a "Balance Due" will only be shown if there is a balance greater than zero due (e.g. charges are added greater than any deposits made).  If you want to also include Payment transactions with the Deposit amount, check the box to include "Payment" transactions.


Show "Check In/Out" instead of "First/Last Night" -- this option will show the dates as the actual dates of check-in and check-out (departure), rather than first and last night (the Check-In day is the same as First Night, but the Check-Out day is usually one day later than Last Night).  This is largely a matter of preference, but can avoid some confusion by the customer.  Note that this only affects the Confirmation letter, not other receipts and invoices.



Note that there are separate settings (through separate selections under the Park Setup menu) for Confirmation E-mails.



Window Tag


The Window Tag bottom text can be as large as needed, with the limitation being the size of half of the page.  Unlike other receipts, you don't specify a starting position -- it always starts slightly below half the page height (e.g. it assumes you will fold the page in half for use as a window tag).  If you don't need text on the bottom of the window tag, just clear out the entire edit box



3" Receipt Printer bottom text


The bottom text for this can be any length needed, and simply starts 1 line below the end of the receipt.  All text will be centered, and is generally limited to 40 characters per line, but will automatically wrap around.  Note that you might need to add additional blank lines below the text so that the paper scrolls out enough to tear off the receipt.  You can force a new line or insert blank lines as needed using the Enter key.


If you want to send special control codes to your printer, for instance to activate the paper cutter, you can add those here.  (This usually only works if you're using the Direct to Port printing option and not going through a driver, depending on your printer.)  To send special codes, enter them as hexadecimal values preceded by "\X" -- like \X07 to send the ASCII "BEL" character.  Be sure to use the backslash character ( \ ), not the forward slash ( / ).



Credit Card Slip bottom text


The bottom text for this can be any length needed, and simply starts 1 line below the signature line.  Formatting is the same as for the 3" receipt printer bottom text.


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