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(Accessed through Maintenance / Printing Options / Offsets, or File / Printing Options / Offsets.)


Note that these options apply mainly to the "default" labels and envelopes or any custom forms derived from them.  Custom forms can also incorporate these settings if desired, or they may be ignored -- see the Forms Setup section for more details.


Printer Offsets -- You can fine-tune the printer offsets for printing forms that require precise positioning such as mailing labels.  The Top and Left numbers represent the closest point to the edge that the printer can print.  If you find labels printing too close to the top (or left), you will need to decrease the offset to compensate.





These settings apply to printing Envelopes (e.g. Reports / Customer Envelopes).


Address position for Envelopes -- Set the offset from the edge of the envelope where you want the "to" address to appear.


Print the park's return address on envelopes -- If this is set, the return address will be printed in the upper left corner of the envelope.  (Leave this off if your envelopes have your address pre-printed.)


Return address position for Envelopes -- Set the offset from the edge of the envelope where you want the return address to appear.



Letters and Invoices


These settings apply to most of the receipts formats, e.g. Full-page invoice/receipt/statement, register-style statement, and confirmation letters.  They don't apply to the Ticket Form, since positions are fixed for that.  They also don't apply to the "Quick Receipt" format, since that's not intended for mailing.


Address position for Letters and Invoices -- Set the offset from the edge of the page where you want the address to appear for full-page invoices and confirmation letters.  This is important if you use window envelopes.  Otherwise, you can set them closer to the top of the page to save space for more transactions.


Position return address for window envelopes -- Select this if you use 2-window envelopes and need to position the address.  Note that on the full-page invoices, the "outlined block" header won't be used if this option is selected, since that would likely overlap the return address.  Also note that the park phone numbers, etc. will start 0.2 inches below the return address, to keep it from showing in the window (as opposed to only 0.05 inches gap if this option is not selected).


Return address position for window envelopes -- set this as needed to get the address in the correct position.



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