Overview - P.O.S. Setup

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This section covers the setup functions added by the P.O.S. option for setting up your inventory database, various options for sales entry and receipts, and hardware.


Note that the setup for a cash drawer, credit card reader and credit card processing software are covered in the main Maintenance section since they are part of the main Campground Master program, not optional features.  


Receipt printer setup is generally a matter of just connecting it like other printers and installing driver software.  You will probably also need to adjust the various settings under File / Printer Setup and Maintenance / Printing Options for the 3" receipt printer.  There is also a configuration for the message at the bottom of the receipts, under Maintenance / Park Setup.






Hardware Selection

Pole Display Setup

Receipt Printer Setup

Cash Drawer Setup

Credit Card Processing Setup

Credit Card Security Setup

Program Options - P.O.S.

Printing Options - P.O.S.

Printing Options - Purchase Orders

P.O.S. Data Fields

P.O.S. Access Levels


Inventory Setup




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