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Almost any of the drop-down or right-click menus in Campground Master can be customized with additional functions defined by expressions.  Any number of menu selections can be added to the menus, which can also be organized in sub-menus any number of levels deep.  


In addition, existing selections in the menus can be conditionally renamed or deleted to clarify or simplify the functions seen by most users.


Note that all menu customizations are done within the existing menu structure, modifying the standard menus -- it's not possible to create a completely "new" menu, simply because the program wouldn't know when or where to show it.  However you can modify the very top menu bar, which means you can add a new drop-down menu to it (as well as add sub-menus in any of the drop-down menus), and you can modify almost any of the right-click menus in the system to add functions or sub-menus.




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