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The functions in this section can be used for many things, from making minor changes to a receipt format to making extensive changes to the system's functionality.  




These features are considered to be advanced development tools built in the program and are documented sufficiently for an experienced programmer or someone proficient with database design.  Some sample forms and reports are provided which can be used as-is, modified for your needs, or studied as examples.


Our normal technical support will answer basic questions about the capabilities of these functions, but we cannot explain detailed examples or provide training for expressions programming, or debug changes that you've made.  It can take some time to learn the details of these functions, even for experienced programmers, since they use a unique "language".



The "Advanced Customizations" functionality is considered an advanced customization system for Campground Master.  Most users will be able to accomplish everything they need to without creating their own reports and forms.  Before delving into these functions, we suggest that you thoroughly learn the rest of the system setup and investigate the other options -- there's a lot of flexibility already present in the various Tab View Options, Printing Options, Program Options, Data Field Definitions, Pick Lists, and Park Setup functions.  If none of the normal options accomplish exactly what you want and you need to make a specific change to a tab view, receipt form, color coding or other functionality, then you can probably accomplish it through this section.  However, we recommend that you do check the other options and/or contact us first to see if it can be done with normal options changes instead.





There are a number of sample Forms, Queries, and Color Schemes installed with Campground Master (in the Samples folder).  These can be imported and used as-is, or you can make adjustments for your needs, or just look at them as examples.  For details on importing the samples, refer to each of the following "Setup" sections according to what you want to import.




Additional Topics:


Tab Views


Data Field Definitions (adding & modifying data fields)




 Expression Syntax

 Expression Context

 Expression Processing

 Expression Creator Dialog

 Expression Elements




Color Schemes


Default Global Color Schemes




 Queries Setup

 Editing List Queries

 Editing Query Columns

 Sorting Hierarchies

 Filter Conditions

 Save & Test Queries

 Editing Cross-Table Queries

 Cross-Table Axis/Groupings

 Cross-Table Custom Groupings




 Forms Setup

 Editing Forms

 Form Elements

 Editing Form Elements

 Form Selection Dialog




 Menus Setup

 Editing Menus

 Menu Items List

 Editing Menu Items




 Dialogs Setup

 Editing Dialogs

 Dialog Elements List

 Editing Dialog Elements

 Dialog Control ID Reference


Event Actions


 Event Actions Setup

 Editing Event Actions


User-defined Tables


User-defined Relationships



Import Package




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