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Anyone familiar with relational databases or setting up a database in Microsoft Access or SQL should be familiar with "Relationships".  For all of the standard tables in Campground Master, the relationships are pre-defined -- e.g. the Customers-to-Reservations relationship, Customers-to-Transactions, Sites-to-Types, etc.  However if you want to add your own Pick Lists or add completely new tables for special purposes (through User-defined Tables), you'll need to be able to define the relationships between them.  This functionality enables such definitions.


As with all advanced customizations, this requires a rather technical understanding of the system as well as database functions in general.  Since this is a very advanced topic, only the basic details of how to create them are given here.  It's assumed that if you're manipulating tables and relationships then you understand relational databases and how relationships work.




Additional Topics:


Relationship Setup

Editing Relationships


User-defined Tables




Advanced Customizations Overview & other topics



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