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This function is invoked from the Edit dialogs for either List Queries or Cross-Table Queries.  This dialog may also be shown for a particular Query through the ShowQuery Expression function.  It simply shows the Query in a grid, with From and To date selections like the Queries Tab View would.  If the Query has a text filter, you can also enter the text to filter.  This allows quickly testing the query to see what it will look like, without completely exiting the Edit function.  


Note: Be aware that clicking Save & Test from an Edit Query dialog does completely save any changes you've made to the Query, so it negates any possibility of canceling changes you've made.


When you use the Save & Test function from an Edit Query dialog, any errors in the expressions of the query will be shown here as pop-up tips on the cells (when you put the mouse over the cell).  Sometimes an error will mean that a cell appears blank when it should otherwise have data, so try holding the mouse over any blank cells to see if there's an error message.  Note that errors also appear this way when the Query is shown elsewhere also, but only if you're logged in as an Administrator.


This dialog simulates the Queries Tab View in nearly all respects, including the right-click menu functions and double-click actions.




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