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The Queries tab is only shown if there is at least one custom Query defined.  In addition to the basic Query tab view where any Query can be selected, there may also be other Query tabs set up to show specific Queries -- in other words, custom tab views created from Queries.  See Tab Views Setup for details on setting up custom tab views.


It has From and To date selections and a Today button like most other tabs but these might not have any effect, depending on the Query selected.


The main thing on this tab is the Query selection list (unless it's defined with a specific Query as mentioned above).  This drop-down list will show all Queries defined.  Simply select one of the queries, and a grid will be shown with that query.  This may include a Total row as appropriate, and will have all of the typical functionality of grid-type reports -- scrolling, sorting by column, pop-up tips (if defined in the query), and blank/total lines inserted if sorted by certain columns (again, if defined by the query).


An Edit Query Definition button allows you to easily access the Edit Query function for the selected query (if you have the appropriate access level).  If there isn't a specific Query selected, then this button will take you to Queries Setup.


A Query may have a "Text filter" option -- the note "Filtered Text:" will be shown to the right of the Edit Query button if this option is available for the selected Query.  If so, then the normal Search (F9) function will allow entering text that's used in the query's filter conditions.  If search text is already entered, it will be shown next to "Filtered Text:".  Using this functionality you can create custom "Find" type queries and access them easily here.


The right-click menu on a Query tab will be depend on the "Base Table" of the Query being shown.  If it's a Reservation based Query then it will have typical reservation functions like most other tab views, and a Transactions-based Query will have typical transaction functions like the Transactions tab, etc.  Likewise for Customer and Site based Queries.  If the Query is based on any other table, then the right-click menu will just have a few options, including options to print Forms for one or all records, toggling the grid lines or printing the view.


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