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Note:  Many common questions related to Transaction reports have been answered in our newsletters -- be sure to check the Newsletter Category Index (click this link) to see if your question is answered there.



The Transactions view is different in many ways from the other views. The most obvious difference is that this view shows a list of transactions rather than reservations, and since each reservation is likely to have multiple transactions, a single reservation will result in multiple lines in the transaction list.  This view has more filtering options and shows more totals and sub-total information than other views.


Some reservation information is shown for reference and sorting convenience -- the last name is color-coded as usual, plus the first names, site, site type, and first night are shown.  Also note that some transactions won't have reservations associated with them, and some won't even have customers associated with them.  This will be the case for unbound transactions, as well as any Expense and Misc. Income transactions that you enter for the business.


The other major feature of this view is that it can be used to generate many different summary reports.  This makes it much more powerful than the other views -- and much more complex as well.  For a better understanding of how to use this report, refer to the Working with Transactions section as well.


One thing to remember is that like the other reports, this is a dynamic report.  So whenever transactions are made, they will show up immediately.  This is a good thing, unless you are showing many days of transactions (or a summary report) and have a slow computer.  Although it will only refresh when the view is visible so it won't slow down normal operations, it would still be a good idea to reset the view to Details mode for Today (uncheck the Summarize option and click the Today button) after getting the reports you need.





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