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Most tab view reports have an Options button.  This is generally used to select which fields are displayed in the view.  These settings are remembered, even after the program is shut down, so you only need to set them up for your requirements one time, and change them only when needed for a special printout, for instance.



Field Selection


Most reports allow you to select what fields are shown.  Just check the fields you want to see on the report from the options available.  The fields available for a given report are based on the way the report is commonly used -- for instance, there's generally no reason to see the customer's vehicle information on a transaction details report.  Also, some fields are always shown and cannot be turned off.  The order of the fields cannot be changed.


Deposits, Total Paid, and Balance fields -- These field options aren't actual fields in the record, but are calculated dynamically from all transactions in the reservation.  Note that if you are using post-dated Charge transactions (as enabled through Program Options / Transactions), then the Balance does include any post-dated transactions.  It's not simply the balance "as of today".


Auto-Charges and Auto-Balance fields -- If Auto Rates have been enabled, these column options will be available on some tab views.  For pending and checked-in reservations, it will perform the auto-rate calculations for that reservation and show what the charges will be (Auto-Charges) or what the balance will be after applying any deposit already made (Auto-Balance).  Note that this can take some time to calculate, so be careful about showing this column for a large number of reservations.  There are some cases where it won't show a value.  If the reservation has the auto-rates disabled, it will show "(Disabled)".  Also it won't show a value for reservations that don't yet have a site assigned (since it can't auto-calculate the rate without a site), nor will it show a value for Owner reservations or Monthly reservations that are not pending.  For Monthly pending reservations, it will show the amount expected to be due upon check-in, according to the Monthly Program Options.


Days Overdue, Unpaid Nights, and Aged Balance fields -- These are special fields available only on the Payments Due tab view.  For more information refer to the Payments Due section.



Include empty sites when sorted by Site


This is selected by default, and will show the vacant sites on the report in addition to occupied sites.  This is handy for using the On Site report for a walk-around checklist, as it clearly shows which sites should be empty.



Include Sub-total rows when sorted by Site


When selected, blank separation lines with sub-totals of any numeric columns will be inserted when sorting by Site.  This is normally disabled, since it would result in a subtotal after almost every row in most cases.  However there may be times when it's desired, e.g. when doing a report for a longer time range.



Include Sub-total rows when sorting appropriate columns


When selected, blank separation lines with sub-totals of any numeric columns will be inserted when sorting by date or any appropriate field where sub-totals may be wanted, like Site Type, Reservation type, Rig Type, Status, etc.



Include Waiting-List reservations


This option appears on some reports, such as Arrivals, so that you can see if any reservations "would have arrived", useful as a reminder if you want to double-check for openings for the coming week, for instance.



Show reservations which fall in the date range


This option on the Unassigned and Non-Reserved reports, selected by default, will show any reservation that covers the selected dates, even if it started (or will start) earlier that the start date.



Include Owner reservations


If this is checked, Owner-type reservations will be included in the report.  Since owner reservations are usually not associated with someone currently present, this is disabled by default on most tabs.



"Yesterday" button, "Yes/Today" button, and "Today" button


These options, only available for Departures and On Site, let you select which buttons are shown for quick date selection. You can select any combination (be careful, your screen size might not allow having all 3).



Query to add with additional information


This allows you to add additional columns to the report and/or apply filtering to the report, by setting up a Query containing the columns needed.  


The Field Selection checkboxes should be used whenever the field or value you need is one of the Field options, but if you need fields or calculations that are not available as a field checkbox then you can create a special add-on Query and use it by selecting it from the list here.  (Technically you could even uncheck all normal field options so it just shows the query.)


Important: Any filtering defined in the selected query will be applied to determine the records shown, in addition to the filtering specific to the tab view such as the From & To dates, Site Type, etc. -- only reservations or transactions that meet the normal tab view filtering conditions and also any Query filtering conditions will be shown.  Thus you could even create a Query that has only Filter Conditions and no columns, if you simply want to add filtering to the tab view.


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