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Whenever your mouse moves over the grid in a tab view, you will likely see a variety of little pop-up messages.  These are tips that give you a little more information, so that the grid can be smaller and still have the information easily available.  For instance, putting the mouse over the last name of a customer will pop up their first names as well.  If you hover over a Site name, the site's Description will pop up.  And if you hover over the date headers on the Rack view, the full date will be shown if it's not already part of the header (e.g. if you turn off the options to show the Day of Week or Year in the header).  Note that these tips will stay on the screen for a few seconds, and then will disappear until the mouse is moved again.  The contents of this "Tip Text" for Reservations and Sites can also be customized -- see Maintenance / Advanced Customizations / Tab Views.


In addition to these pop-up tips when hovering, you can get detailed reservation or site information in the form of Quick-Info windows when double-clicking on a cell (although the double-click action can be changed, see Maintenance / Program Options / Functions).  If a reservation occupied the cell, you will see almost all of the reservation's details.  If you click on a cell with a site name or type (for instance the site headers to the left of the Rack), the Site's details will pop up.  To close the Quick-Info window, just press the ESC key, or click anywhere outside the window, or click the "X" button in the Quick-Info window.  The contents of this Quick-Info Text can also be customized -- see and Maintenance / Advanced Customizations / Tab Views.


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