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You can search for a particular Site or Customer on any of the tab views by pressing F9, Ctrl-S, or Alt-S (These are all the same function, so use whichever is easiest for you to remember).  In some cases (e.g. when clicking on empty cells in the Rack view), you can also use the Search function from the right-click menu.


The main uses for this are to quickly scroll to a desired site on the Rack view, or to locate a site or customer on the other views.


When you press Alt-S, a small dialog will appear -- just type any portion of a site name, or the start of a customer's last name.  It will first search for a site name containing the characters you entered (it will search both the abbreviations and the "Site Name" fields).  If no match is found, it will then look for a customer.  So for instance if you're looking for a customer with "Smi" in the last name but you have a cabin named "Smiley's", it will match the cabin first.  Also, if the Reservation Label field is enabled then any labels defined for the reservations will be included in the search, if the label field is shown on the report (e.g. in the "Smi" case it would locate the first occurrence of either a customer's last name or a label starting with "Smi").


Either way, if a match is found then the view will highlight the matched reservation (scrolling to it if necessary).  In the case of the Rack view, a match of the site name will highlight the first visible cell of the site and a match of the customer will highlight the first cell of the reservation.  (Note that it will only search reservations from today to the last date of the Rack that can be scrolled to, corresponding to the Maximum Future Days setting.)  On any of the other views, when a match is found the entire line will be highlighted.


If no match is found, a message will be shown with a couple tips with how to find what you're looking for (or why it might not have been found).


Tip: If you don't enter any search text and just press Enter (or click "Search"), it will scroll the report grid to the top.  So just pressing F9 / Enter is a handy way to jump to the top without using the mouse.


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