Sorting Reports

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All of the views except for the Rack view are tables where each line corresponds to a record and each column is a field of the record.  The fields shown by default are appropriate for the selected view (use the Options button to change which fields are shown).  By default they are sorted by date or other appropriate field, and whenever sorted by date there will be a blank line inserted between each different date for ease of reading the report.


You can have the report sorted by any field you like, simply by clicking on the column header for that field.  A small arrow will be shown in the header, indicating the direction of the sort.  If you want to sort the column in the other direction, click the header again -- each click will reverse the sort for that column.


Some views have an option (under the Options button) to include empty sites when sorting by Site.  This provides better visual feedback for "empty" sites and is especially useful for walk-around checking, but also makes the report longer.


Light grey separation lines with sub-totals of any numeric columns will generally be inserted when sorting by site, or when sorting by date or any other appropriate field where sub-totals may be wanted, like Site Type, Reservation type, Rig Type, Status, etc.  This can be disabled if needed through the Options.


Also note that in certain cases, the program will automatically use a secondary sort.  For instance when sorting by Site Type, all of the reservations with the same Site Type will then be sorted by site, and those on the same site will further be sorted by date.        


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