Sizing Reports

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As covered in the Rack Options section, the Rack view cells are a consistent width determined by the Cell Width setting.  The other reports, which are columns of data fields, are auto-sized according to the text in the fields (the cells will grow as needed to avoid truncating the text).  However, you can have temporary control over the cell widths if you want to adjust the report for printing.  For instance, if you don't need some of the fields or if some columns are blank for all records, you can save space by shrinking those fields to almost nothing.  This may reduce the number of pages needed for wide reports, or allow the font to be larger when using the "Fit to Page" print option.


To re-size the columns, place the mouse cursor over the dividing line between the column header cells.  The cursor will change to a right-left arrow (similar to this: ßà).  Then hold the left mouse button down and move the line to the width you desire.  You can change the columns to any width, but be aware that this will likely result in truncating text, and since the ellipses (…) will not appear for text on these reports, there is no indication that part of the text is missing.


As mentioned, the resizing is temporary.  It will remain the new size for printing or scrolling around, but any action that causes the report to refresh, such as sorting a column or making any reservation change, will cause all of the columns to auto-size again.


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