Printing Reports

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To print the contents of any Tab View report, simply click the Print button on the toolbar (or select File / Print from the main menu).  There are several options that can be used to customize the format of the reports, which are described in the Printing Options section of Program Options and Settings.


Besides those options, don't forget that you can print in Landscape mode to get a wider report on one page.  To change to landscape mode, use File / Printer Setup / Default.  The setting will be remembered even when the program is closed and restarted.


It's worth mentioning again that you should use Print Preview to see what the report will look like before printing it.  This is because the size of the report and the settings (Fit to Page and Zoom Percent) can make the difference between getting a nice report or getting 20 pages that have to be taped together, or a report printed in such tiny text that it's unreadable.  The Print Preview function also allows you to step through pages to see what's on each page, so you can select certain pages to print if you don't need the whole report.


If you prefer to print in black & white to save ink (or if you don't have a color printer), it may be a good idea to add the "Status" field to your reports, since the printout won't have the color coding.  This is an optional field under the Options button on all views (except the Rack).


Once you select Print (either after Print Preview or instead of Previewing), printing uses the standard Windows print dialog.  This allows you to select the page numbers to be printed, which printer to use, and other printer properties.  Generally this only requires you to click OK on the Print dialog to send it to the printer.  There is no need to wait for the entire document to finish printing -- once it is queued up for the printer, the print dialog will close automatically and you can continue working or print another report.


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