Exporting Reports to Other Programs

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Any of the Tab View reports, as well as almost any report grid in a dialog such as Find Customer, can be exported.  





You can also copy data directly to another program such as Excel, just by highlighting the desired cells on the grid (or press Ctrl-A to select all cells), then Ctrl-Insert or Ctrl-C to copy the data to the clipboard.  Then you can switch to the other application and paste the data.  The data is copied in Tab-delimited format, so it can be pasted into nearly any program that supports Tab-delimited data or text.  However, only the data cells can be copied this way, not the header row and column.  To get the entire report into another program, use the Export to CSV function.


You can also copy the Map view image in the same way (it copies the entire image).



Export to CSV


Exporting reports to a CSV file is covered in detail in the Import and Export Functions section later in the manual.


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