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The Site Filter dialog is used in many reports to select specific filtering by individual site, site type, site class, or park. This allows you to filter the sites to be included by more than one condition at a time, for instance you can include 2 or more site types at once, or 2 or more classes, or sites of a specific type in a specific park.


The dialog will have 3 or 4 lists on it -- Sites, Site Types, Site Classes, and Parks (if you have multiple parks in the database).  Each list is a multiple-selection list, so you can pick one or more from each list (use Ctrl-Click to select multiple entries).  If a list has nothing selected, that's the same as selecting all of them (i.e. no filtering is done for that field).  To start over and clear the list so no filtering is done, you can click the Reset Filtering button


Note that in some cases there will be a "(no site)" entry at the bottom of the lists, which allows you to select reservations that have no site assigned, or transactions that are not bound to a reservation, for instance.  Some reports don't allow selecting unassigned sites (for instance the Occupancy Report), so this won't be an option when filtering for those reports.


Be careful about selecting items from more than one list at a time, since the filtering uses "AND" logic -- for instance if you select an "RV" site type and a "Boat" site class, then it would only show a site if it's an "RV" type and it's a "Boat" class.  This which would probably result in an empty report.  If you want to show RV's and Boats together, then select both criteria from the same list -- either type or class, as appropriate.


Text Filtering -- Click this button to set up a text search so it only include sites that have a data field matching certain text.  See Text Filtering for details.


If you need more advanced conditions, then you can also enter an Advanced Condition Expression (available in version 11.1 and later).  This requires knowledge of expression creation, part of the Advanced Customizations functionality.  For instance this could be used to filter by a particular Site Attribute field like "Has 50 Amp".



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