Site Type, Class and Park Selection

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The Site Types drop-down list limits the reservations or sites in the report to a specific site type, site class or park (if you have more than one Park record defined).  The default is All Site Types, but you can select a single Site Type to view, or in some cases you can view all Assigned Sites (i.e. reservations for which a site has been assigned) or all Unassigned sites.


The drop-down list actually has a few different parts to it:


General selections -- The first part of the list will have the general selections like All Site Types, Assigned Sites and Unassigned Sites (as appropriate).  These are a simple way to reset the selection to show all sites or all assigned/unassigned sites.


Site Types -- Each site type defined will be listed, in the order defined in the Site Types Pick List. Selecting one of these will limit the report to only sites of that type


Site Classes -- After a "-- Classes:" divider, the site classes will be listed as defined in the Site Class Pick List.  As with site types, selecting one of these will limit the report to that site class. Classes are generally defined as being more general than since types, and thus one site class could include sites of several types.


Parks -- If your database is set up for more than one Park, there will be an additional section for selecting a single park.  This will show all sites in that park, regardless of type or class.


Filters -- In addition to selecting a single type or class (or park), you can define an Advanced filter.  You can also set up a Default filter, which is the same as an Advanced filter but will be used as the default selection for this report every time it is "reset" (with the Reset or Today button, for instance).  Both of these functions use the Site Filtering Dialog.


Important -- If a Default filter is defined for the Rack view, this will also be used for the default when making a New Reservation.


Resetting the Default filter -- If a Default filter is set, it will jump back to that filter any time you restart the program or click a "Reset/Today" button.  If you need to clear the default filter so it reverts to "All Site Types" normally, then first select the Default filter from the drop-down list.  That will open the Site Filtering dialog -- click the "Reset Filtering" button to clear the default filter, and click OK.  Now when you click a "Reset/Today" button it will go back to "All Site Types".


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