Starting a New Reservation

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The way to start a reservation (or at least the quickest way) will vary depending on the circumstances.  For instance, if you're entering a reservation for a walk-in customer and you have the Rack view showing, the quickest method would be to double-click on the cell for today, on the desired open site.  That instantly sets the site and the start date for the reservation, saving two steps.  If you are taking a reservation on the phone for some time in the future, the quickest way is probably to click on Phone icon on the toolbar (New Reservation).  


If you prefer getting all of the customer's information first, it may be easier to use the Add New Customer function (faces icon), enter the customer information, and then click New Reservation on the Customer Details dialog. Or if you're making a returning reservation for a customer that's leaving today, you can flip to the Departures tab, right-click on the customer's name and select New Reservation for this customer so the customer information is already filled in.


Here's a complete list of ways you can start a new reservation:


-   From the file menu, select Reservations / Add New Reservation. (Alt-R, A from the keyboard.)

-   From a Customer Details dialog, click the New Reservation button.

-   Click on the New Reservation (phone) icon on the toolbar.

-   Double-click on an empty cell in the Rack (the site and start date are automatically filled in).

-   Right-click on a customer in any of the tab views, select New Reservation for this customer

 (the customer information is automatically filled in).


Two other functions can result in new reservations being created, but are used in special cases:


-  Right-click one a reservation in the Rack, and select Linked Reservations, and one of the Add functions.

-  Right-click one a reservation in the Rack, and select Split Reservation at this date.


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