Overview - Working With Reservations

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Keeping track of reservations are naturally the main purpose Campground Master.  Most functions of the program revolve around the various tasks involved in recording reservation information, locating that information when needed, making changes, and keeping historical data for reporting purposes.


One important thing to remember that "Reservations" are not the same as "Customers" in Campground Master.  "Reservations" are records that contain the information about a single stay for a particular customer.  Most of the actual customer information is stored separately in a "Customer" record, and the reservation only references that customer by an internal number.  For more explanation of this, see the Database Organization topic.





Starting a New Reservation


Reservation Types


The New Reservation Dialog


The Select Customer Dialog


Checking In


Checking Out




Groups and Linked Reservations


Hourly / Scheduled Reservations


Monthly / Long-term Reservations


Day Passes


Making Changes to a Reservation from the Rack

Changing the Reservation Dates

Changing Site Assignments

Changing the Customer

Canceling a Reservation

Confirming a Reservation

Confirmation letters

Guaranteeing a Reservation

Splitting Reservations

Adding Linked Reservations

Synchronizing Linked Reservations


The Reservation Details Dialog


The Reservation Label Field


Managing Guests


Site Preferences


The Notes Dialog


The Find Reservation Dialog


Unassigned Reservations


Online Reservations



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