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Most important is the date or date range selection -- each view has a start (From) date and most have an end (To) date.  In addition to the common date-picker controls, there will be left and right buttons (arrows, "<" and ">") on each side of the dates if your screen size is 800x600 or greater (there isn't enough room for them on 640x480 screens). These buttons will increase or decrease the date by one day, making it easy to step through dates one click at a time.  Note that when changing one date, if the other date causes a backward date range, it will automatically be changed to the same date.  Thus if you increment the From date on the Arrivals tab and the To date is already the same, then the To date will automatically be adjusted to match the new From date.  This makes it easy to step through single dates without changing both date-picker controls.


In addition, many reports have buttons for Today, Week, Month and Year.  This makes it easy to see these common ranges with a single click.  Note that the Departures and On Site views have Yes/Today instead of Today, which is an abbreviation for "Yesterday and Today", so that you can easily see these two days at once. (It's useful to see yesterday's Departures and On Site because the reports are based on the reservation's Last Night, so "yesterday's" customer may not actually check out until today.)  However you can also have Yesterday and/or Today as options, if you prefer limiting the views to a single day (see the Options).


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