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by Cottonwood Software

About Our Free Customer Support

Free support by phone or E-mail, 7 days / week.

We've found that our customers quickly learn to use Campground Master on their own and require very little support -- assuming that they have read the documentation.   As a result we're able to offer free technical software support for anyone who needs it.   However, we do insist that you read the documentation before asking us for help, at least to the point of making a reasonable effort to find the answers to the most common questions yourself.

Phone support is available from 8:00AM to 6:00PM (Arizona time). However E-mail often works best, so we can provide a thorough answer with links to detailed information as needed.

We pride ourselves in friendly and professional service both before and after the sale. Whether you have questions about the software or need technical support, we will do our best to accommodate you. Take a look at what some of our customers say about our support on the customer comments page.

That said, please understand that Campground Master is sold as a "do-it-yourself" program. We expect you to be able to use the extensive documentation to learn the system and as a reference before calling for support.
- We don't provide on-site or remote training or setup.
- Most issues can be handled easily by phone or E-mail, so we don't remote into your computer unless deemed absolutely necessary to diagnose a real bug in the software.
- We will help guide you to the part of the documentation that has the information you need, and will help you through specific issues that you're having trouble with getting to work if the documentation isn't specific enough.

Is there a time limit to the free support?
If you need help years down the road for a serious problem, we won't leave you out in the cold. We'll support older versions to a point, as long as the issue is solvable with the old version. However we do require you to keep current with updates subscription if you need frequent help (e.g. more than one call per month).

Note: Free support does not transfer to new users -- click here for more details.

However, there are certain limitations to free support:

While we pride ourselves in the depth and availability of our free support, which goes far beyond even the paid support available with most software companies, we must make certain reasonable disclaimers.

We will do our best to answer any questions and solve operational problems, and provide limited walk-throughs on functions of our software if the documentation does not include the necessary information. However we cannot provide extensive configuration services or comprehensive training, or provide support for basic Windows functionality, 3rd-party software, or hardware not purchased from us. If the documentation or a newsletter has detailed information on solving a problem, or if we can E-mail the steps to you, we will expect you to work through it on your own time rather than having us walk you through it on the phone.

Free support applies only to the original purchaser or licensee of the software. If your business changes ownership, management or primary software users, and such a change results in us instructing the new users in the basic functionality or setup, then we may require a new license to be purchased in order to continue support. Click here for more details.

Specific exclusions:

- Advanced Customizations functions included in the program are present for the purposes of custom programming. While these are available and documented for potential use by 3rd party programmers, they are not designed to be used by the typical end user. Any support for these functions beyond answering simple questions about them will be considered custom development and thus not covered by free support.

- Configuring or troubleshooting 3rd-party programs such as IC Verify, PC Charge, QuickBooks, Excel, etc.

- Walking through extensive setup procedures, beyond giving the necessary information required for you to do it yourself.

- Correcting mistakes created by operator error, when the correction requires extensive manipulation of reservations or other data to straighten things out. We will try to explain what needs to be done, but you'll need to do the work.

- Troubleshooting any issue that's a general Windows issue, networking issue, etc that's not a direct result of Campground Master.

We also reserve the right to limit or stop free support to customers who become abusive, or who repeatedly call with questions that have already been answered in the documentation (we expect customers to fully read the documentation, rather than call us with every question), or who have high staff turnover resulting in repeated calls from different people about the same basic functions. We will also cancel all support if we believe the license is being abused in any way, such as being copied and used at another business or used for competitive purposes, or if we believe our copyright or trademark is being abused by the customer.

"Once again, I can't thank you enough for your outstanding support. I know I've said this before, but truly your response time is amazing... You really have a great product. I can't say enough about it!"
- J. Hussey,
Whit's End Campground

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